Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Maserati Quattroporte ECU Tuning Group tune

The owner of this Maserati Quattroporte came to us wanting more horsepower. What's the most effective way of squeezing out more power without altering the motor itself? An ECU tune of course!

As the Alberta-exclusive ECU Tuning Group dealer, we've got the top ECU tuning software in the industry.

 After hooking up our tuning module and mapping out the ECU, we were able to squeeze a whopping 70hp more into this V6 Quattoporte's motor.

The Quattroporte V6 Q4 normally produces 404hp from its twin turbo 3.0 liter V6. With our new ECU tune, this Maserati now pushes out 474hp, something the owner will be very happy about.

ECU tuning is a simple process that involves remapping the car's computer to create the optimal settings for that particular motor.

Are you interested in an ECU tune from ZR Auto and ECU Tuning Group? Let's get in touch!

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