Monday, 27 April 2015

Lamborghini Gallardo Out of Province Inspection

 When importing a car from other Provinces or from out of the country, one thing to keep in mind is that the car needs to have an Out of Province (OOP) inspection completed before the car can be deemed road legal in Alberta.

One of the services ZR Auto offers is Out of Province inspections. As a licensed inspection facility, ZR Auto's mechanics can verify that your car meet's Alberta's road safety standards. If your car doesn't meet Alberta's regulations, that's no issue. With access to the right parts and distribution centres, we can get your car up to Alberta standard and out onto our beautiful roads in no time!

 This Lamborghini Gallardo came in from Ontario for an Out of Province inspection before being unleashed onto Alberta's roadways. Most of the time the cars don't need much work done. The most common points to note are: seatbelts, third brake lights, daytime running lights and cabin safety components.

It doesn't matter if you buy a Lamborghini or an Infiniti, we'll help you get your car Alberta certified!

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